The Taste of Mexico: Living Near El Bronco Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina. Big Hills at Horse Shoe New Houses in Asheville, North Carolina
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The Taste of Mexico: Living Near El Bronco Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina

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A Culinary Journey to Mexico at El Bronco

Situated just 1.9 miles away at 6488 Brevard Road, Etowah, NC, El Bronco Mexican Restaurant offers a vibrant escape to the flavors of Mexico, right in the heart of North Carolina. This dining destination is a local favorite, not only for its proximity to the scenic QLN Conference Center but also for its authentic Mexican cuisine that has garnered rave reviews from both locals and tourists alike.


Savor Authentic Mexican Dishes

El Bronco is renowned for its ability to transport diners straight to Mexico with its culinary creations. The restaurant’s menu is a testament to the rich flavors and traditions of Mexican cooking, offering everything from succulent shrimp burritos to perfectly grilled beef and expertly roasted meats. While the ice tea might not be the highlight, the array of Mexican dishes, characterized by their robust flavors and exquisite preparation, more than makes up for it.


A Hub of Hospitality and Flavor

What sets El Bronco apart is not just its food, but the entire dining experience. Known for its exceptional service, the restaurant boasts a team of friendly staff always ready to enhance your meal. The pricing is reasonable, striking a perfect balance between quality and value. The ambiance at El Bronco adds to its charm, providing a welcoming atmosphere that complements the dining experience. With a solid 4-star Google rating, El Bronco stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Mexico in North Carolina.

Your Ideal Home Near El Bronco Mexican Restaurant

Imagine the convenience and delight of living just a stone’s throw away from this culinary gem. Big Hills Construction offers a range of new houses in Horse Shoe, NC, that are not only beautifully designed but also strategically located to enrich your lifestyle with such local treasures. Whether you’re in the market for homes for sale in Horse Shoe or exploring options for new family houses, our offerings ensure that a taste of Mexico is never far away.


Big Hills Construction: Crafting Your Dream Home

As a custom home builder, we understand that the essence of a home extends beyond its walls. It’s about the neighborhood, the local community, and the lifestyle that comes with it. Our new homes NC constructions are designed with this philosophy in mind, ensuring that each property offers a sense of place and proximity to local attractions like El Bronco Mexican Restaurant.


Begin Your Journey with Big Hills Construction

Ready to embrace a life where authentic Mexican cuisine is just a short walk or drive away? Visit Big Hills Construction or check out our available homes at our houses page to find your perfect abode in Horse Shoe, NC. Experience the joy of living in a community where the flavor of Mexico is part of your everyday life, all within the comfort and luxury of your new home.

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