Savor the Flavor of China: Living Near Fang’s China Dynasty in North Carolina. Big Hills at Horse Shoe New Houses in Asheville, North Carolina
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Savor the Flavor of China: Living Near Fang’s China Dynasty in North Carolina

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Experience Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Fang’s China Dynasty

Located just 3 miles away at 3754 Brevard Road, Horse Shoe, NC, Fang’s China Dynasty offers a culinary journey to China, allowing you to explore the rich flavors and traditional dishes of Chinese cuisine right in your neighborhood. This esteemed restaurant is a local favorite, known for its authentic flavors and warm, welcoming atmosphere.


Delight in Traditional Chinese Dishes

Fang’s China Dynasty is celebrated for its menu, which boasts a wide array of Chinese dishes, from classic favorites to regional specialties. Whether you’re in the mood for savory Kung Pao chicken, succulent Peking duck, or flavorful Szechuan beef, Fang’s offers a dish to satisfy every palate. Each meal is prepared with attention to detail, using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods to bring the essence of China to your plate.


A Dining Experience That Transports You

The ambiance at Fang’s China Dynasty complements its cuisine, providing a dining experience that feels genuinely Chinese. The restaurant’s décor, service, and atmosphere all contribute to a sense of immersion, making each meal not just a dining occasion but a cultural experience. It’s the perfect place to celebrate special occasions, enjoy family dinners, or simply indulge in a love for Chinese cuisine.

Your Ideal Home Near Fang’s China Dynasty

Living near Fang’s China Dynasty in Horse Shoe, NC, means that a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine is always just a short drive away. Big Hills Construction offers a selection of new houses in Horse Shoe, NC, designed for those who appreciate the convenience of nearby dining options and the richness of diverse culinary experiences. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Horse Shoe or interested in new family houses, our properties are ideally located to enhance your lifestyle.

Big Hills Construction: Where Culture Meets Convenience

As a custom home builder, Big Hills Construction understands that the location of your home is crucial to your quality of life. Our new homes NC constructions are thoughtfully placed in communities that offer not just comfort and beauty but also access to cultural and culinary delights like Fang’s China Dynasty. Choosing a new house for sale near this esteemed restaurant means embracing a lifestyle where global cuisine and local living blend seamlessly.

Embark on Your Culinary Adventure

Are you ready to begin a new chapter in a place where the flavors of China are just around the corner? Visit Big Hills Construction or check out our available homes at our houses page to discover your perfect home in Horse Shoe, NC. Live in a community where the taste of China enriches your daily life, offering a constant reminder of the world’s vast and varied culinary traditions.

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