Your Key to Perfect Coffee and Desserts: Living Near Starbucks in North Carolina. Big Hills at Horse Shoe New Houses in Asheville, North Carolina
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Your Key to Perfect Coffee and Desserts: Living Near Starbucks in North Carolina

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Experience the Ultimate Coffee Delight at Starbucks

Located just 4.2 miles away at 3338 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC, Starbucks offers a familiar haven for coffee lovers and dessert aficionados alike. This global coffeehouse chain is renowned for its consistent quality, cozy ambiance, and wide array of beverages and treats, making it a go-to spot for your daily coffee fix or a casual meet-up with friends.


Savor the Starbucks Experience

Starbucks is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a part of daily life for many. Whether you’re starting your day with a signature espresso, unwinding with a creamy frappuccino, or indulging in a freshly baked pastry, Starbucks provides a comforting routine and a moment of pleasure in your busy schedule. With a commitment to quality and a vast selection of coffee blends and menu items, Starbucks ensures every visit is a satisfying experience.


A Hub for Coffee Enthusiasts and Beyond

While Starbucks is synonymous with coffee, it’s also a place where community and convenience meet. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for remote work, reading, or simply enjoying a moment of solitude. Seasonal drinks and limited-time offerings keep the menu exciting and reflective of the local tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s always something new to try.

Your Ideal Home Near Starbucks

Living near Starbucks in Horse Shoe, NC, means that a world-class coffee experience is never far from home. Big Hills Construction offers a selection of new houses in Horse Shoe, NC, perfect for those who appreciate having this coffeehouse favorite within easy reach. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Horse Shoe, exploring new family houses, or seeking a custom home builder, our properties are strategically located to enhance your lifestyle with the convenience and comfort of nearby amenities.

Big Hills Construction: Where Comfort Meets Convenience

As a custom home builder, Big Hills Construction understands that the location of your home is crucial to your lifestyle. Our new homes in NC are crafted to provide not just a living space but a lifestyle, with easy access to places like Starbucks where you can enjoy your favorite coffee and treats. Choosing a new house for sale near Starbucks means you’re valuing both the quality of your living environment and the convenience of nearby comforts.

Begin Your Journey to Convenient Living

Are you ready to start your day with the perfect cup of coffee, just a short drive from your doorstep? Visit Big Hills Construction or check out our available homes at our houses page to find your dream home in Horse Shoe, NC. Live in a community where the simple pleasures of a Starbucks coffee can be part of your everyday routine, enhancing your quality of life with every sip.

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